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Matt Tracker in Shroud maskM.A.S.K. agents were selected for certain strengths. They were all good at something, and most knew how to drive. I have listed every vehicle they either drove in the show or were an action figure for in the toy line. If you know of an agent I havn't listed, or can fill in some of the blanks, then please send me an E-Mail and let me know. :)

Matt TrackerMatt Trakker
Matt was the leader, founder and aparant funder of the M.A.S.K. team. the father of Scott Trakker (See entry below) and is either divorced or widowed. seemed to be independantly wealthy. His younger brother Andy was the one who first designed the MASK and Venom vehicles and masks. (The original ones.) Andy was killed by Miles when he stole some plans and took off to get powerful on his own. Codename:Hunter.
Vehicles--Thunderhawk, Goliath, Volcano, Jungle Challange, Coast Patrol, Rhino, Skybolt
Masks--Spectrum, Shroud, Lava Shot, Arrow, Dolphin, Ultraflash

Bruce SatoBruce Sato
He was the brains behind the operation. At least for most of the tech. Always talked in metaphores that, for the most part, only Matt could understand. Married with a few kids. Worked designing toys. (What a life :) Codename:Magic.
Vehicles--Rhino, Rescue Mission, Dynamo
Masks--Lifter, Grasshopper, New Lifter

Alex SectorAlex Sector
Alex ran a pet shop, and knew just about everything there was to know about animals. He was also a computer wiz, and was an all around good guy. HIs real job was a pet store owner. Codename:Megabyte. Was also the teams tactician.
Vehicles--Rhino, Boulder Hill, The Collector
Masks--Jackrabbit, Disruptor

Hondo MacLeanHondo MacLean
A history teacher by trade, this guy knew all there was to know about weapons. A great help to the team, and seemed to be a great father. Used Firecracker most of the time andwas usually paired up with Buddy hawks. (Starsky and Hutch? :) Codename:Sticker
Vehicles--Firecracker, Hurricane
Masks--Blaster, Blaster II

Buddy HawkesBuddy Hawkes
Buddy was the under cover man for the MASK team. His cover was a mechanic, hung out at the Boulder Hill gas station usually. Seemed to be single. Also went by the nick name Clutch.
Vehicles--Firecracker, Boulder Hill, Wildcat
Masks--Penatrator, Ditcher

Scott TrakkerScott Trakker
Scott was Matt's kid. Usually running around in the earlier episodes with his robot T-Bob Causing much trouble. Seemed to be in his early teens and never went to school. :) Think he was about 10 years old.

Brad TurnerBrad turner
Brad was a MASK agent by day and a Rock-N-Roller by night. Was usually found either on stage or tuning his guitar. Nice enough guy, but was usually the first to question Matt when something seemed silly or out of the ordinary. Usually wearing a set of dark glasses.
vehicles--Condor, Razorback
Masks--Hocus Pocus, Eclipse

Dusty HayesDusty Hayes
Dusty was the marine specialist for the MASK team. Was always working at a pizza parlor. Never said if it was his or not, but he always seemed to be able to split out easy enough. Later seemed to have a job as a stunt driver. Codename:Powderkeg.
Vehicles--Gator, Billboard Blast, Afterburner
Masks--Backlash, Vacuum, New Backlash

Gloria BakerGloria Baker
Gloria was one of the better drivers as she was a race car driver. She also was a competant fighter, and seemed to be an all around nice person. She didn't have her own vehicle for awhile, but when she did it was one of the better ones. Her real job was that of a Driving Instructor. She was an expert at kung Fu.
Vehicles--Shark, Stiletto
Masks--Aura, New Collider

Julio Lopez
A doctor by trade (Pediatrics maybe?), was around a few times in the early episodes, but more in the racing ones I think. Was an expert in languages and cryptography.
Vehicles--Firefly (Dragonfly in the comics), Fireforce
Masks--Streamer, New Streamer

Calhoun Burns
His real job was an architech, was also skilled in construction and demolitions. Bred horses on the side. Seemed to be good with both boats and planes. (Good thing as the Raven seemed to be a mix of both. :)

Jacques LaFleur
Was said to be a lumberjack from Canada.
Vehicles--Volcano, Detonator
Masks--Miraj, New Miraj

Chief Nevada RushmoreChief Nevada Rushmore
Don't have much on him. He didn't show up until the later shows. Had the funkiest mask though. Gotta love those little totem poles. He was a childhood friend of Matt Trakker.

Ali BombayAli Bombay
Was born in the village of Kandu Kabul where he grew from a child to a man.

Ace StrikerAce Striker
Pilot and all around good guy. Was also known as Ace Riker. Worked for NASA when not fighting the forces of evil.
Vehicles--Slingshot, Meteor
Ricochet, Cruise Control

Borris BushkinsBorris Bushkins
Drove trucks in Siberia for 10 years before joining M.A.S.K. He joined secretly and his first mission was to trick Venom into thinking he wanted to kill Clutch Hawkes because of a certain demolition derby. The derby was fixed, and the only reason for the whole mission was to give Boris a chance to prove his skills. Was also known as the 'Czar'.

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