Instructions and Catalogues

I'm putting this page up to show people some of the items that came in the boxs with the MASK toys. These pics are kinda big though, so give them them to load.

If you have some instructions or a catalogue not listed here, please drop me a line. If you can scan them in...GREAT!! But if not, don't dispair. We can work something out. If you are willing to Snail Mail them to me I can scan them in then mail them back to you. And of course, I'll front the shipping on the return trip. :) So E-Mail me if you can.

Well, this page is finally going someplace. :) If you have any not posted on this page and can scan them in or are willing to mail them to me, let me know! I think I have some more boxed stuff coming, and that will give me more stuff to scan. :) I really want to get the racing and Split Seconds Catalogue, so if you have either, please let me know. :)

Okay...I finally have the Racing Series and the Split Seconds! :) You will notice that the catalogue format is differant. Thats because they are from the over seas catalogues. As soon as I get the stateside ones (Or more over seas ones :) I'll add those to. Much thanks to the Hitman for providing the Split Seconds and Racing Series scans.


Front Side Back Side

12 34

Front Back

1 2 3 4 5 6

1 2 3 4 5 6

Front Back


Left Left Middle
Right Right Middle

Left SideMiddleRight Side

Racing Series
Left Middle Left Middle Right Right
Bottom Left Bottom Right

Split Seconds
Left Middle Left Middle Right Right
Bottom Left Bottom Right

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