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Okay folks, allot of you have E-Mailed me either asking to buy or sell MASK toys...Well, here's your chance. If you have something for sale, E-Mail me. I'll post it here along with your E-Mail address. that way people can get ahold of you. Please don't ask me to post wants, they would take up to much space. :)

If you are wondering what the toy in question looks like, check out my toy page it might have a picture for you.

Also, please note that this is just a sales listing. These prices are set by the people who send in the request to be posted here, and shouldn't be used as a price guide. I don't know the list price on any of the toys, and it isn't up to me to tell people how much something they have is or isn't worth. If you need more info on a certain toy, please E-Mail them or check out their website. Have fun and I hope you find something you want. :)

Website:Robozone Toy Store's MASK Sales listing
Slicks Comments: Worked with Gerry before. Good guy and a very safe person to deal with.

Website:None posted
Slicks Comments:One cool dude, on the top of my list of cool guys.

Website:Tims MASK Page
Slicks Comments:I dealt with him before. We'll work with you, and sends you what you pay for in a timely manner.

Website:None posted
Slicks Comments:Just started dealing with him.

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