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Well, the show and the toys were well known for inconsistances. There were vehicles that were named wrong, people who's names changed and masks that changed shapes. I'll try to list all of these, if you know of one let me know and I'll add it. :)

Ace Riker was also called Ace Striker.
Firefly was called Dragonfly.
Hurricane was introduced as the Nightstalker.
Stinger was called Scorpian.
The Ricochete mask was called Boomerang mask.
Powerhouse mask was called Sampson.

There were also some repaints. This was usually in the action figure, and Matt Tracker was the biggest victum of this. They are listed below.

OriginalRepaints listing
Matt Trakker-ThunderhawkWas repainted into the Jungle Challange colors
Matt Tracker-RhinoWas repainted into the Coastal Patrol colors
Dusty Hayes-GatorWas repainted into the Billboard Blast colors
Alex Sector-Boulder HillWas repainted into the Collector colors
Bruce Sato-RhinoWas Repainted into the Rescue Mission colors
Miles Mayhem-SwitchbladeWas repainted into the Venoms Revenge colors
Sly Rax-PiranhaWas repainted into the Pitstop Catapult colors

The masks also changed shapes from time to time in the toy line. All of the early masks poped up later with added plastic. the easy answer is that they didn't pass safty standards, but some of the later masks were even smaller. So I don't know why they did it, but they did. Below is an example that should show what I'm talking about.

Hocus Pocus Mask Variations

There were some vehicle variations also. These seemed to be trying to bring the toys into line with the show. the only example I have right now is the laser cannon on the condor. The first release had a flat looking cannon, while the later releases had a rounded looking cannon that matched the show better. If you know of more let me know! :)

The Gator picture in the 1985 catalogue has the Spectum mask shown with it...And upside down at that.

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