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Generic VENOM agentVENOM...Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem...These were all your (For the most part) generic style bad guys. You knew most were evil as soon as you looked at them or heard them say something. I'm listing all of the vehicles that the characters were either with in the cartoon or came with as an action figure. If you can fill in any of the blanks please E-Mail me. :)

Miles MayhemMiles Mayhem
Whats to say. He was the head of Venom, had a bad attitude and seemed to only be happy when he had just done something he knew Trakker wouldn't be able to stop. Seemed more personal with him sometimes. Like he was more interested in getting back at Matt foor something then at really getting that power he talked about. When it all started, he was responsible for killing Matt Trakker's little brother Andy.
Vehicles--Switchblade, Buzzard, Venoms Revenge, Outlaw, Wolfbeast
Masks--Viper, Flexor, Ripper, Python, New Viper

Sly RaxSly Rax
This was the guy with the cool accent. Had to be the con man of the group...Or the gangster. Was usually used as there under cover guy.
Vehicles--Piranha, Pitstop Catapult
Masks--Stiletto, Sawblade

Cliff DaggerCliff Dagger
Team strong man and all around dumb guy. Never seemed to do much but try and blow things up. He was a demolitions expert.
Vehicles--Jackhammer, Thunderball
Masks--Torche, New Torche

Vanessa WarfieldVanessa Warfield
Seems to be a real feminist, since she's mocking men in almost every episode. However, for some reason she never says anything bad about Miles... Maybe it has something to do with where she gets her paycheck from...

Floyd MalloyFloyd Malloy
Also known as Birdman.
Vehicles--Vampire, Vandal
Masks--Buckshot, New Buckshot

Bruno SheppardBruno Shepard
Vehicles--Stinger, Vandal
Masks--Magna-Beam, New Magna-Beam

Lester SludgeLester Sludge
Doesn't seem to care about his current mission a great deal, since he usually leaves in the middle of it. Three common reasons seem to be: He gets bored, he is outnumbered or the agent in charge kicks him out of the mission. He usually decides to go get some chow. Also known as 'The Lizard'.

Maximus MayhemMaximus Mayhem
Miles Mayhems twin brother. Was only in a few of the racing episodes. Tried to convince Miles to be a good dude again...Seems to be iffy on which side of this he wants to be on, but didn't have the spine to tell Miles off, kinda the 'comedy relief' guy.
Masks--Deep Freeze

Nash Gorey
Tends to panic real easily. His bad habits also include constant licking of Miles's boots. This annoys everyone present, including Miles. The most common line he gets to hear starts with the words "shut up". Also known as Goon. He was an electronics servaliance expert.

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