M.A.S.K. M.A.S.K.

M.A.S.K. Vocals and Other Sounds.

Okay folks, Thanks to one of the great Internet folks I now have lots of cool sound filesto pass out to all of you. :) So, thanks go out to Gyumaoh for all these great sounds (You can see his complete list of greatness on the credits page :) and without further delay, here are the sounds you desire! This page will take awhile to load, but when it is done all of the sounds will be ready to go all at once.

M.A.S.K. Sounds

These sounds are from the Racing episodes. Most of them of the lovable Boris. There are also some that are from the commercial segments of the cartoon.

Here's Boris talking about Bulldog and what it's gonna do.

Boris just getting warmed up.

Boris firing his Comrade Mask.

Boris bragging about Bulldog again....He sure did love his truck.

Boris kicking it up, also some sound effects.

Matt Trakker activating Spectrum.

Cheif Nevada Rushmore setting off his Totem Mask...I love those tiny totem poles! :)

Scott Trakker before a comercial break, then back from them.

Venom Sounds

Okay, these are also mostly from the racing series. There are a few of Lester Sludge, there is also a few of the comercial intro/exits.

Lester Sludge firing Mudslinger.

Lester letting it be known how he he feels about some MASK guys.

Miles Mayhem sending you off to comercials.

Sly Rax sending you off to comercial.

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